Shipping & Handling

We Ship ONLY to addresses in the USA 
including Alaska, Hawaii, and all APO addresses.

Shippihg is based on the weight of the item. Many items including resetters, ship for $2.

All mail up to 13 ounces is shipped First Class. Everything over 13 ounces is shipped Priority Mail.

The most you will ever pay for shipping is $13.75. We squeeze what we can into priority flat rate boxes to save you money.

We ship Monday through Friday within 24 hours of receipt of funds.

Delivery confirmation is always included, so you can track the package.


We no longer ship internationally unless you send us a shipping label from Fed Ex or UPS.

How to go about making an international purchase with Fed Ex or UPS

1. Email, inkjetreset @ or call us, (541) 863-6631 to let us know what you want to purchase,
2. We will weigh your items and email the weight along with an you.
3. T
hen you can pay for your purchase
4. E
mail the shipping label to us.  
5. We will email you to 
let you know when to set up a pick up time.

Please note: We cannot return international phone calls because we do not have international long distance phone service. Thus email is the only way we can respond to international inquiries.

Why Don't You Ship Internationally?

So many people have asked why we don't ship Internationally anymore, so I will explain it here.

We cannot get tracking and insurance for packages unless they go International Priority or Express Mail. There is not tracking or insurance available for Flat Rate or for First Class mail, so this puts the cost of shipping at $23.50 + insurance, which we feel is unreasonable.

Additionally because of all the new security measures in the US, we have to take the package directly to the post office and stand in line to ship to you. We live in the country and the cost to go to the post office and back runs about $5. Thus it is not reasonable.

If you still want us to ship to you, and you do not have a fed ex or ups account from which to send us a shipping label, write to me and we will work soemthing out. It will not be our fast 24 hour turn around, but will be done within 7 days.

I do hope now you understand that we do love our Canadian neighbors and all the people of the world, but we do not want you think we are overcharging you to ship your items. We would never do that. As it stands, often Paypal will overcharge by weight and we correct that and refund our customers the overage.


We Only Ship to addresses in the U.S.A


Canon Pixma Chip Resetter, reset cli-8 chip reset cli-221 chips
Canon Chip Resetter
Cli-8   Cli-221


Empty Refillable Ink Cartridges Canon Pixma cli-8, pgi-5, cli-221, pgi-220
Empty Refillable Ink Cartridges + or  -
Auto Reset Chips

American Ink 120ml bottles
Ink 40, 110, 120ml
Cli-8, Pgi-5
Cli-221, Pgi-220
Cli-226, Pgi-225

G&G Ninestar Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges, Pixma compatible ink cartridges
Canon Compatible
Ink Cartridges

Cli-8, Cli-221,

Empty Canon OEM Virgin Cartridges with Reset Chips CLI-226, Pgi-225 
Original Empty
Canon Cartridges

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