Canon Pixma CLI-8, PGI-5, CLI-221, PGI-220 Printer Solutions

InkjetReset is the home for Canon Pixma cli-8, pgi-5, cli-221, pgi-220 ink chip products. Here you will find solutions that save you over 90% on ink. Our products assure ink level control. Yes, your printer's warranty is protected and your ink monitor will still work. So you always know how much ink is left in your ink cartridges.

We carry RKS Technik products including chip resetters, chip extenders, and auto reset chips with ink control. We also stock empty refillable ink cartridges with and without auto reset chips, empty virgin OEM Canon cartridges with reset chips, Canon compatible G&G ink cartridges, premium, wide-gamut ink in Ink-jector bottles, and a variety of combo packs and ink refill kits.

 Canon Resetters     Refillable Ink Cartridges    Canon OEM Chips 
 Canon cli-8, pgi-5 chp resetter with lithium battery & 6 month warranty       Empty Refillable cli-8, pgi-5, cli-221, pgi-220 ink cartridges with or without auto reset chips    Canon OEM cli-8, pgi-5 ink chips reset on empty virgin cartridges
 Cartridges                         Ink                                      Auto Reset Chips 

 G&G Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges Cli-8, pgi-5, Cli-221, Pgi-220     Canon compatible ink, dli-8, pgi-5, cli-221, pgi-220, wide gamut      Auto Reset Chips for Canon cli-8, pgi-5, cli-221, pgi-220 chip series printers 

1. Chip Resetters:

2. Empty Refillable Cartridges with or without Auto Reset Chips

  • Cli-8, Pgi-5 chips 
  • Cli-221, Pgi-220 chips
  • Cli-226, Pgi-225 chips 

3. Auto Reset Chips with Ink Control

4. Empty Virgin OEM Canon Ink CartridgesChips have been reset

  • Cli-8, Pgi-5 chips 
  • Cli-221, Pgi-220 chips 

5. Compatible Ink Cartridges with Premium Everbrite Ink

  • Cli-8, Cli-221, Cli-226 

6. Ink: Ink-jector Bottles with needle & Premium Inknara Ink

  • Cli-8, Cli-221, Cli-226 

7. Plugs & Special Orders

8. Clearance stocks products compatible with these Canon Pixma Models:

iP3000, iP3500, iP4200,iP4300  , iP4500, iP5000, iP5200, iP5200R, iP5300, iP6600, iP6600D, iP6700, iP6700D, iX4000, iX5000, Pro9000

MP500, MP510, MP520, MP530, MP600, MP600 R, MP610, MP800, MP800R, MP810, MP830, MP950, MP970, MX700, MX850

IP3600, IP4600, MP610, MP620, MP980, MX860


Canon Pixma Chip Resetter, reset cli-8 chip reset cli-221 chips
Canon Chip Resetter
Cli-8   Cli-221


Empty Refillable Ink Cartridges Canon Pixma cli-8, pgi-5, cli-221, pgi-220
Empty Refillable Ink Cartridges + or  -
Auto Reset Chips

American Ink 120ml bottles
Ink 40, 110, 120ml
Cli-8, Pgi-5
Cli-221, Pgi-220
Cli-226, Pgi-225

G&G Ninestar Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges, Pixma compatible ink cartridges
Canon Compatible
Ink Cartridges

Cli-8, Cli-221,

Empty Canon OEM Virgin Cartridges with Reset Chips CLI-226, Pgi-225 
Original Empty
Canon Cartridges

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