Plugs, Orange Clip-on Trays & Special Orders

Extra Plugs for your ink cartridges. 

 Set of 5 Colored Plugs

Each Set includes 5 plugs:  2 black, 1 yellow, 1 magenta, 1 cyan  

These of course will fit Canon Ink Cartridges and nearly all the refillable cartridges out there, including Epson, Brother, Hewlett Packard, Minolta, Kodak, Lexmark, etc.


  • 5 plugs: $3,
  • 10 plugs $5.00,
  • 15 plugs $7.00,
  • 20 plugs $9
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Ink Refill 10ml Syringe with Needle

10ml Ink Refill Syringe with needle

These syringes come with a sharp needle, they are sealed and brand new. 
It is easiest to have one for each color and store them with the ink. If you take care of them, they will last a very long time.

10 ml Ink Syringe with Needle
Clearly Marked 2, 4, 6, 8, 10ml

Price: 50 cents each.

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Orange Clip-on Trays

These are a tight fit and seal the ink flow hole, while keeping the cartridge steady for refilling. However all cartridges are not exactly identical and so you may have to do a little retrofitting, that is why these are clearance priced.

How to Retrofit these with an exacto knife:

When you place a tray on a cartridge pay attention to how the opening slips over the extended tongue or tab. if it does not slide easily then, stop pull it back off and make the opening a little bigger with an exacto knife. You will be cutting the opening vertically. Then test it again. It should slide easily.  Now once you have it over the tab, check to see if it will snap over the two little bumps on the back end of the cartridge. You will see two small holes in the tray and they should correspond to the bumps on the cartridge. If they do not, then cut them a little bigger till they do. 

Once that is done you have a nice steady tray for refilling your original Canon Carts or even for any other brand of this style cartridge such as Epson, HP, Brother, Lexmark, etc.  

Remember: Pay careful attention when putting these on, or taking them off. Always carefully slip the extended tab through the opening in the orange tray and then slip the rest on and clip in place. When removing, do the reverse and always carefully take it off, over the extended tab to make sure you never injure that tab. Without the tab, you cannot use the cartridge. So pay attention and these will work well for you.

Here are some pictures of one being placed onto an oem canon pgi-5 ink cartridge.

Clipping On Orange Tray 2 Clipping The Orange Tray into place Clipping On Orange Tray aClipping On Orange Tray 5      Clipping On Orange Tray 4   5 pack Orange Clip-on Trays

CLI-8 size: Close out price: $1 each 

PGI-5 size: Close out price: $1.50 eac 

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USB Printer Cable - 6' long black

2.0 USB 6' printer cable, A+B

This cable is a high quality FOXCONN AWM 2725 30v USB 2.0, with A + B plugs

SRP: $9.95       Our Price: $4.95

We Only Ship to addresses in the U.S.A


Canon Pixma Chip Resetter, reset cli-8 chip reset cli-221 chips
Canon Chip Resetter
Cli-8   Cli-221


Empty Refillable Ink Cartridges Canon Pixma cli-8, pgi-5, cli-221, pgi-220
Empty Refillable Ink Cartridges + or  -
Auto Reset Chips

American Ink 120ml bottles
Ink 40, 110, 120ml
Cli-8, Pgi-5
Cli-221, Pgi-220
Cli-226, Pgi-225

G&G Ninestar Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges, Pixma compatible ink cartridges
Canon Compatible
Ink Cartridges

Cli-8, Cli-221,

Empty Canon OEM Virgin Cartridges with Reset Chips CLI-226, Pgi-225 
Original Empty
Canon Cartridges

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