Inknara Ink Details & Photo Comparisons

InkjetReset stocks award winning Inknara ink from Korea, it is: 

  • ISO certified     
  • Wide gamut (increased color spectrum)  similiar to Canon   
  • Micro filtered to strictly 0.1~ 0.2 um (absolute 0.2um)  
  • Engineered with a UV absorber component for prolonged print life.       
  • Designed precisely to suit Canon 8/5 series printers    
  • Free of chemical solvents or excessive alcohol        
  • Non-salt dyestuff
  • Shelf life: 24 Months
  • Estimated Refills CLI-8 per 40ml:          4 times
    Estimated Refills PGI-5 per 40ml:         3 times

    Estimated Refills CLI-8 per 110ml:        11 times
    Estimated Refills PGI-5 per 110ml:       7~8 times
  • Estimated Refills CLI-221 per 40ml:       4 - 5 times
    Estimated Refills PGI-220 per 40ml:      2 - 3 times

    Estimated Refills CLI-221 per 110ml:      11 times
    Estimated Refills PGI-220 per 110ml:      9~10 times

Here are photo comparisons: 
These pictures were printed from identical Canon printers and printed on the same grade and stock of Canon Photo Paper. The top picture is made with our InkjetReset Inknara bulk ink & the second is made with Canon ink.

Ink Comparison One

Ink Comparison 2

Ink Comparison 3

Ink Comparison 4

We Only Ship to addresses in the U.S.A

Canon Pixma Chip Resetter, reset cli-8 chip reset cli-221 chips
Canon Chip Resetter
Cli-8   Cli-221


Empty Refillable Ink Cartridges Canon Pixma cli-8, pgi-5, cli-221, pgi-220
Empty Refillable Ink Cartridges + or  -
Auto Reset Chips

American Ink 120ml bottles
Ink 40, 110, 120ml
Cli-8, Pgi-5
Cli-221, Pgi-220
Cli-226, Pgi-225

G&G Ninestar Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges, Pixma compatible ink cartridges
Canon Compatible
Ink Cartridges

Cli-8, Cli-221,

Empty Canon OEM Virgin Cartridges with Reset Chips CLI-226, Pgi-225 
Original Empty
Canon Cartridges

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