Ink For Canon Pixma Cli-226, Pgi-225, Cli-8, Pgi-5, Cli-221, Pgi-220

Our Inknara ink is on Sale, Clearance, Close Out Now, so check our amazing prices!

Though we love Inknara ink and many of our customers have come to love it as well, it has become too difficult to continue having it shipped from Korea. We have been searching for an American made ink and have found one, so we are now closing out all our stock of Inknara. We are sold out of the cli black, so if you want the dye black, it is better if you go to our American ink page.

If you never plan to run photographic paper through your printer and only run plain paper, you can use the pgi black (pigment black) in both of your black cartridges and continue to use Inknara ink.

To further explain how all this works. All the cli inks are dye based and they are designed to work with photographic paper. They are water soluable inks and are calibrated to work together to give you the best color photograph. This is why we always recommend that if you are a serious photographer, make sure to get all the same brand of ink in your dye based inks.

The Pgi ink is a pigment based ink and is used for all your black and white documents. It will not run easily and takes more effort to clean because it is not as water soluable as the dye based inks. It is a more expensive ink and you can use any brand of the pgi with the cli inks.

So with this understanding, you can take advantage of the sales we have on Inknara ink. I have left the original description of this ink for those who are new to it. has tested many inks looking for top quality, plus an easy application.

We found an exciting company in Korea that has award winning premium ink, custom made for Canon Pixma.This ink is awesome, and we think you will agree, once you try it.

In 40ml ink bottles, we only have pgbk left because we have been closing out this size.
We have decided that being a small company it would be better to stock the larger size ink and do our best to keep the prices low. 

We named the Inknare bottles, Ink-jector because you literally add the needle to the spout and inject it into the cartridge right from the bottle! The bottles have a measurement scale on the side so you know how much you put it. These are no mess bottles of premium wide gamut ink.

All Canon Pixma models with Cli-8, Cli-221, Cli-226 chip series use the same ink. So whether the bottle says cli-221, cli-226, or cli-8, they contain identical ink.

Bulk Ink Inkjector Bottles Cli-8, Pgi-5 110ml, 40ml

Here are some facts about our award winning Inknara ink.

  • ISO certified   
  • Wide gamut (increased color spectrum)  similiar to Canon  
  • Micro filtered to strictly 0.1~ 0.2 um    (absolute 0.2um) 
  • Engineered with a UV absorber component for prolonged print life.     
  • Designed precisely to suit Canon 8/5 series printers   
  • Free of chemical solvents or excessive alcohol      
  • Non-salt dyestuff
  • Shelf life: 36 Months - we only carry fresh ink. If we ever have any stock that hits the 12 month mark, you will find it in our newsletter along with any stained bottles at a big discount.
  • Estimated Refills (this is just an estimate since we usually underfill, the carts actually hold:
    cli-8: 19ml, pgi-5: 26ml, cli-221: 9ml, pgi-220: 13ml

    110ML:  CLI-8 - 6-7 refills,          PGI-5 - 5 refills
    110ML:  CLI-221, CLI-226 - 12-13 refills,   PGI-221, PGI-225 - 8-9 refills

See Photo Comparisons and a lab reportat this Link

This company not only makes great ink, but they also created the most intelligent ink applicators.We call their bottles -'Ink-jectors', because each bottle is designed to inject the ink into the cartridge.


Here are the steps to fill a cartridge using these fabulous new bottles:

  • First take the bottle and needle out of the bag (every bottle has its own needle)  
  • Add the needle to the spout  
  • Position the bottle with the needle in the cartridge refill hole  
  • Then depending on which bottle you have
    110 ml: Pull the plug on the bottom
    40ml: Slide back the color seat at the bottom of the bottle
  • Now watch the measurements on the side of the bottle as the ink flows through the needle into the cartridge  
  • Once you see that you have reached your proper refill level:
    For Cli-8 cartridges: between 8 & 10 ml
    For PGBK cartridge: between 20 & 22 ml
    Replace the plug in the bottom of the 110ml, or slide the seat cap back in place on the 40ml.

No mess, no moving ink from one bottle into a needle and then into a cartridge, no chancing hair or dust getting into the ink.No wearing ink on your hands for days.

This the best solution we have found!


How to use Inknara 110ml & 40ml bottles


Click here to see all the models, and all the types of cartridges.
Note, at this time only stocks cyan, black, magenta, yellow & Pgbk.


Every bottle includes its own needle!

Estimated Refills PGI-5 per 40ml: 3 times

40ml PGBK Twin Pack $13.40OUT OF STOCK


5 Pack Premium Ink 110ml for Canon Pixma cli-8, pgi-5

Estimated Refills CLI-8 per 110ml: 11 times
Estimated Refills PGI-5 per 110ml: 7~8 times

This is all we have left, no black left, some of the bottles are perfect,
some have ink stains on them (See below for info on stains)
but all are full new unopened bottles. These prices are CLOSE OUT

110ml Twin Packs - choose any Cli pair of inks

Originally $19.50  - CLOSE OUT PRICE $12.00

Which color cli-8 inks do you need?

Stained Bottles

When we get shipments of ink, often times a bottle is broken in shipment, and thus leaks on otherwise good bottles of ink.  Because I do not want to hurt Mother Earth, I always clean all the stained bottles up, and put them in new zip lock bags. It takes me a few hours to do this but you get great ink at a great price and help Mother Earth too.

We Only Ship to addresses in the U.S.A

Canon Pixma Chip Resetter, reset cli-8 chip reset cli-221 chips
Canon Chip Resetter
Cli-8   Cli-221


Empty Refillable Ink Cartridges Canon Pixma cli-8, pgi-5, cli-221, pgi-220
Empty Refillable Ink Cartridges + or  -
Auto Reset Chips

American Ink 120ml bottles
Ink 40, 110, 120ml
Cli-8, Pgi-5
Cli-221, Pgi-220
Cli-226, Pgi-225

G&G Ninestar Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges, Pixma compatible ink cartridges
Canon Compatible
Ink Cartridges

Cli-8, Cli-221,

Empty Canon OEM Virgin Cartridges with Reset Chips CLI-226, Pgi-225 
Original Empty
Canon Cartridges

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